Our mission is to deliver an annual programme placing the Paisley pattern & fabric collections at the heart of the makers, fashion and textiles communities – promoting and supporting the Museum, Paisley Town and its assets.

We work locally and internationally to develop new products, opportunities, skills, careers, a makers community, and a reputation as a Makers town for Paisley.

As part of the activities such as London Craft Week, Doors Open day or Sma’ Shot Day, each year PaisleyMake produces international gatherings of makers and industry open to all. Every year has a new theme with workshops, exhibitions and talks sharing knowledge and showcasing Paisley’s journey and its potential, with a fund-raising goal to establish a not-for-profit makers community organisation and facility to open by 2022.

Our Story

After meeting with Dr Dan Coughlan, Textiles Curator at Paisley Museum & Art Galleries back in 2015 we realised Paisley’s potential in its museum’s collections.

It became clear that the spotlight must be brought back to Paisley as a town famous for its entrepreneurial spirit, and we as social entrepreneurs were keen to volunteer.

In 2016, makers from Scotland, the UK and around the globe came to the first PaisleyMake festival – held in partnership with Scotland’s national fashion and textiles organisation Scotland Re:Designed.

Since then, there has been substantial international interest in the Paisley pattern archive held within Paisley Museum and Art Gallery which is currently valued at £1 million.

“Last year, PaisleyMake brought together luxury brands, designers and editors to a special unveiling of Paisley Museum & Art Galleries’ extensive collections of pattern books and shawls and this has sparked an amazing surge of interest in showcasing these original designs with new collaborations” Chris Hunt, Director of Scotland Re:Designed

Notably, it was announced that the iconic Paisley Pattern is to feature in luxury knitwear brand, Pringle of Scotland’s, upcoming autumn/winter 2017 collection.

Showcasing Paisley’s textile credentials to the world is part of wide-ranging regeneration plans that will put Paisley back on the global textiles map. This is boosted by PaisleyMake and by the town’s recent bid submission to the UK Government’s Department of Culture, Media and Sport for UK City of Culture in 2021.

“Paisley is once again making its mark on the global fashion and textiles world by threading together the town’s history as the one-time centre of the global textile industry and its contemporary creative community.” Jean Cameron, Paisley 2021 Bid Director

The commercialisation of the Paisley Pattern will support and grow the ambition to connect the town back to the globally-recognised pattern through working with external textile and fashion related industry experts. In addition to the original designs held at the museum, the archive has also been digitised and allows people to access it for research, education, media and local community reasons as well as commercial purposes.

Offering a route to selling, knowledge transfer and learning, PaisleyMake enables a variety of positive community interactions, which is already making a legacy for the future of a thriving new business community of makers.

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